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Brothers Smoke and Mirrors

We like this product because of the loud bursts. Each box has three kits of six canister shells which are manufactured using newly developed techniques. You will see golden willows, crackling flowers, time delayed crackling, colorful bouquets, colored stars, flying fish, glitter, multicolored scrambling comets - 18 big breaks.
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Black Cat Fireworks

We carry black cat firecrackers because they are the loudest we have heard. Black Cat Fireworks produces a variety of quality consumer fireworks. They have a famous name and logo.
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Black Cat Excellent bag

This is one of our top selling assortments. It has a great value for the price and is a great show in 1 bag. It contains 20 pieces including firecrackers! The kids love this one.
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Red Rhino Fireworks

The majority of our products are made by Red Rhino. We find they have the best bang for the buck. They make great products that we select 1 by 1 every year at the distribution center after watching them. Their owner takes great pride in producing a high quality product at a great price.
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