The NyTex Experience

Nytex fireworks is a family owned and operated company.

We have been in business since June 2008 but fireworks have been a part of our lives for over 30 years. We believe that fireworks are a great American tradition that builds strong family ties and memories that last forever. We love to hear all of the stories when people come to our locations and let us be part of their celebration. So many people have asked, here is ours.

It is so funny how life works. You just never know where it is going to take you or who you are going to meet along the way. For example, three people from all different places and backgrounds end up working at the same company and find that they have a lot in common. They plan a fishing trip hundreds of miles away on the coast. They all have have a blast, catch lots of fish and soon the vacation is nearing the end. On the long drive home the idea of starting a business comes up. Many ideas were thrown around and discussed.

Then someone mentioned Fireworks, I can’t remember who, but it was like a lightning bolt went off in the car. That was when we all knew we had found our new venture.

This was in April and firework season starts June 24. There was so much to do, learn and setup. We had no idea what we were doing and we were starting from scratch. We all put in the effort and started our business; found a location, bought a twenty foot stand, found quality distributors, figured out all of the permits and legalities and was ready to open June 24, 2008!

Since then it’s been a wild ride. We have met a ton of great people, learned so much about this business and made tons of new friends. Every year brings new challenges and great excitement. The anticipation during the off-season is almost unbearable and then the season flies by way too fast.

So come visit one of our locations and join us in the excitement. We love what we do, we know the products and we are honored to be part of your celebration. Come tell us your crazy stories, pick up some great fireworks and let’s make some memories together!

Our staff

  • Joe

    I fell in love with fireworks at a very young age and they have been…

  • Josh

    My favorite part about being in the fireworks business is hearing everyone's crazy stories. By…

  • Steve

    My favorite part about the season is getting to sell fireworks. I love to explain…

What we do

We love fireworks! We love to buy them, we love to sell them, we love to light them, we love to hear them and we love to watch them explode. We take that love for fireworks and use it every day to drive our business. We actively seek out the best products for the best value and import them from all over the country so we can sell them here in Texas.

We take great pride in our company and the products we offer. We know what every product does, just ask! I have been to other firework stands where the people are note sure what the fireworks do and they just read the label. I know how frustrating that can be.

We are always checking out new items and new brands to make sure we have great stuff to sell at the best price around.

We don’t just look at this as “We sell fireworks” we look at it as we sell memories that children hold onto for life, we sell the life of the party that friends will tell stories about for years to come, we help families celebrate together. That’s what it’s all about Family, Friends, Fireworks.